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My lovely Susanne, if you go to DESIGN on the left hand side, then STYLE EDITOR, it will let you change all the different aspects of the page.. Image height, justification, bleed, crop, text size, font etc. If you don't click on the page then the global site preferences are there. Click on the part of the page you want to change and all the options for that section should appear.

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This particular thing is called a 'collection header', apparently. There are various different designs. This one is a card. I haven't worked out how to get the images to 'bounce' like in the demo. I'm not sure if these 'cards' are used in the demo, or if its images like below. The images below bounce but there seems to be a lot less options for sizing and positioning etc.

I've done a poster below to see how it looks. xxx



i love you

This is a poster. Might be good for bold statements. x