Loudon MacRae Photography





I’m a little shy

We can all be shy, if your child is shy I want to capture that for you so you never forget their innocence and vulnerability.

One day they will walk confidently to collect their degree in front of you and hundreds of their peers and then come home to look through the family album or the portraits on your generation wall to laugh and smile at how far they have come.

You can bring a few changes of clothes;

denim always looks great,

your daughter has a party dress - excellent,

your son has a full kilt outfit - smashing,

your child does Karate, Ballet, Judo, Tap, Archery, plays an instrument - it’s part of their life so please don’t hesitate to bring extra curricular activity ‘bits & bobs’!

I want to look the other way…

You will always recognise your child… from the front, back, sides and upside down

I’ll never let you forget what they looked like on the day of their portrait session, even if they don’t face the camera there is beauty in watching them look to their future.

Around 2 weeks after your child has had their portrait taken, we arrange to meet again for your viewing session.

During the viewing session you can choose which portraits you love and would like to purchase.



I do more than smile you know…

I want to photograph your child…. The real them…

If they’ve got attitude, bring it on!

I’ll capture their true character for you to admire for years to come and then to show your grandchildren!

There are 3 backgrounds set out for your child to be photographed in front of and we encourage you to bring their favourite teddy or toy with them.

Teddy may have his/her portrait taken too.


you can’t catch me…

Brilliant, I love the challenge of capturing an energetic child.

When you watch your child win the Olympic gold you can return home to peruse through the family album with pride.

You can book a portrait session for your child and we will capture them at that moment for you to treasure…

for your child to treasure…

for your family to treasure…

for the future generations to treasure.